Speak Truth

Well hello!!

Today I have finally begun to feel like I am settling back into life in Australia! After a very fun-filled and relaxing weekend, the week kicked off with a totally amazing worship service this morning. It made me realize how much I really missed the atmosphere here at YWAM Newcastle. During the music set you could totally feel how tangible God’s presence was and it was completely incredible to look around the room and see every person praising God in their own way; whether that was singing or jumping or dancing or just being totally still in His presence. It was so wonderfully peaceful and thrilling all at the same time. I was really reminded of why God has brought me back here: These two years are going to be such a time for me to grow and be mentored before I fully walk out in the path that God has prepared for me.

After an incredible time of worship this morning, I had my first class as a part of my Staff Training Seminar. We had two different speakers come in and teach us a few different topics. We first learned a bit about the history of the YWAM base here in Newcastle and we also talked about the future that we, personally, see for the ministry here. It was so cool to hear the different visions and dreams each student had for individual ministries; things like schools of political science, marriage counselling, community development and event management. I definitely felt inspired after we all shared our ideas and passions.

Our afternoon class was on the subject of ‘The Power of the Tongue’. The speaker we had started out by talking about the Israelites and how so many of the things that went wrong with their journey was due to their words. (They grumbled and complained A LOT.) Along their journey they faced a lot of battles (i.e. Jericho) but their ultimate goal was to get to the Promised Land. In our lives we can somewhat relate to the Israelites; we have many smaller battles that we face which may seem like mountains, but, in the end, our greater goal, our ‘Promised Land’, is so much greater. For me some of my battles are things like finances, relationships, and even daily things like motivation or attitude, but in spite of troublesome days, I have a Promised Land to look forward to. One day I want to be a part of a ministry or maybe even start my own ministry working with women and girls in all kinds of places and life situations.

The words we speak have such power to make or break our dreams. One of the biggest things we looked at is the difference between speaking out facts, or speaking out truth. the fact may be that I don’t have all the money I need, but the truth is that God provides. The fact may be that I don’t have the training to follow my dreams yet, but the truth is that God is faithful and he had promised me my passions. So I could be negative and view things as inadequate and unfulfilled,or I can speak the truth of who God is in every situations. He is my Provider, Healer, Protector, Teacher and so much more. When I start to look at life that way, things tend to get much more hopeful and positive.

So today I had a great lesson in history and truth, but it was so much more than that. Today I got to look at all the difficulties I face everyday and see that God will get me through as long as I remain faithful and I speak out the truth of who He is. I also got the chance to look at all the things I dream of doing, at all the passions God has put in my heart, and I realized that I have a God who is so much bigger than any battle I must fight to get to my Promised Land.


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