He Loves Me

This past week has been a bit of a harder one for me. It started out pretty awesome with the beginning of my staff training classes; I was learning so much and having some incredible revelations of God. But when Wednesday came around I was just hit hard with a cold.  Within a few hours my head just felt like it was in such a fog and my whole body was so achy. I went home and tried to rest, but the next day I woke up feeling even worse. The next day I tried going to class, but again I just got sent home by my leader. Two of the other girls on staff were also at home sick and we all just felt so miserable together. For the next few days I was pretty much just holed up in the house; I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I was pretty miserable. It was a pretty pathetic few days, filled with a lot of movie watching, tea drinking and orange eating.

The weekend rolled around yesterday and my friend and I were beginning to feel a bit better; we were determined to get ourselves out of the house for a bit. We figured the best thing to do was head down to the beach to let the salt water clear our sinuses. So we walked down to the train station and hopped on the next car bound for down town Newcastle. Soon enough we arrived at the beach and we were a little dismayed at the overcast weather, but we began to wander down the walkway. (In the city there are a few beaches next to each other that are joined by a walkway.) There was a really think sea mist filling the air with a salty smell that cleared our heads right up and got us breathing a bit more normally. By the time we made our way to the next beach the clouds were still decently thick. I was more being silly than serious, but I just looked up at the sky and was like, “God, I would love some blue sky.”

We kept on walking and we started getting our feet a bit wet in the water. It turned into a game of chasing the waves, but trying not to get wet. However, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m somewhat of a clumsy person; of course I tripped while trying to escape a wave and managed to get pretty much entirely soaked and drop my purse in the water. Luckily the only thing that remained dry was one arm and my cell phone. From then on we gave up trying to stay dry and we just ran full out into the waves. While I was jumping around in the waves like a little child, I looked up at the sky and realized that all the clouds had blown away. I know it’s something so small, but in that moment I was just so filled with joy about the fact there was blue sky and the sun was shining down on the beach. It was the strangest feeling of being warm and just ridiculously happy. I can barely even describe it.

In that second of looking at the sky and feeling the sun on my skin, I felt so loved. It was like God’s little gift just for me; like a reminder to me that he loves making me happy. Thinking about it now, it was just the thing I needed after being cooped up in the house for a few days. It was my moment to realize that no matter how crappy I feel, God is seeking me out and there is always a reason to be happy. Whether it’s something huge or something as small as appreciating some sunshine, there is always something to celebrate.

So I guess that’s what my revelation has been lately. God loves his children so much and he loves making us happy. He has given us so many things to be thankful for and so often we take advantage of them. I want to take more time to realize and appreciate the things in my life that God has given me.


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