Laying Down

The past two weeks I have been in classes for my Staff Training School and I feel like I have learned so much that it’s actually a little overwhelming. We had different people speaking on different topics, from having a heart for the lost to taking care of your personal well being. If I look back, however, I feel like the most impacting class for me was either Giving Up Your Rights or Fear of the Lord. Since I can’t choose which one I preferred more, I want to share a bit of some of the revelations I had on both days.

The person that we had speaking on Giving Up Your Rights was the base director from the YWAM base here in Newcastle. He spent a lot of time dwelling on the fact that we often walk through life acting as an orphan rather than a son/daughter of God. It has become so popular and normal to encourage independence, but not in a healthy way; instead we think that people don’t understand us or don’t want to listen to us and we cut ourselves off. It’s like we put ourselves in this state of segregation so that we don’t have to listen or submit to anyone. I know I am totally guilty of putting up walls and running away so that I don’t have to work problems out. Something God has been revealing to me a lot lately is that I often push away from people when things get hard; I usually believe that I am fine on my own and I don’t need anyone’s help. It has actually been super humbling realizing this and it has totally brought out this new season of surrendering things to God. The last year is such a testament to this; as I have begun to lay down things in my life that I have put before God, he has brought me healing and such freedom. I’ve seen God bring my family together and renew my passion to serve him. It has been such a season of laying down my rights to live independently and accepting that I am a daughter of Christ.

That alone has been a HUGE revelation, but of course, that’s not all. God has way more that he has been teaching me.

The other topic that was hugely impacting was Fear of the Lord; we spent most of the time discussing, in small groups, the holiness of God. One of the coolest things that stood out to me was the fact that, by dying for us, God has made us holy, but we have the responsibility to continue to pursue holiness. I am holy, but am I being holy? Often, the choices we make don’t reflect the holiness of God; it’s like we completely deny the fact that we have been made new through Christ. Woah. That’s crazy. How do we strive to be holy? Well that’s the thing, we can’t really achieve holiness in our own strength. We need to have a strong relationship with God, because, once we begin to know God intimately, we will want to please him and follow him. Therefore, by seeking God in our decisions and making him the top priority in our lives, we begin to strive with GOD’S strength to reach holiness. All we have to do is want to know God closely. When we take the emphasis off of being SINLESS and just pursue intimacy with God, our actions and decisions will begin to represent Christ. Of course it’s way easier said than done, but it puts way less pressure on us, as humans, to be perfect.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about for the past few days. I’ve been learning so much more than that, but these are probably the biggest revelations I’ve had.

I’ve also had the awesome opportunity to be serving on the Performing Arts team in our Saturday Youth Street program! It’s has been such an example of surrendering my own desires to just serve God and those who puts in my life.


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