#mylifein missions

Well! The last few days have been truly incredible! I feel like God has done so much in the past week.

At the YWAM base, we just recently had the last day of our annual fundraising campaign; we has a big festival day to mark the end of it. We had prayer and worship rooms going all day and instead of our regular youth program we had a carnival outside! We had a pie-in-the-face booth, bobbing for apples, basketball hoop shooting, target practice and our skateboard mini ramp! My favorite part, however, was our performance! For the last two months the youth in the Performing Arts team that I am apart of have been working so hard to learn the musical my friend wrote! It was quite short and simple, but the look on the faces of the youth after they finished it was much more than worth it. They nailed every part of it! I have seriously never been more proud!

Over the rest of the day we had some prayer time and one of the most amazing worship times that I’ve ever been apart of. In total, we saw roughly $12,000 come in in one day; that brought our over-all total to about $56,000. It was so awesome to see God bring in so much money!

In the last week I have felt God really challenging me on my focus here and how much of my life I’m really surrendering to him. We had a speaker last week who was talking to us all and one of the things he said has really stuck with me. We have full access to the Holy Spirit, but does he have full access to us? The more we give of ourselves, the more we get of God. It helped me realize that I had things in my life that I was allowing to be priority over God and my relationship with him. I definitely had to make some more difficult choices, but within the last few days I have already seen the fruit of truly being surrendered to God. Yes, it’s really hard, but in the end, letting go of everything to grab hold of God is the best thing we can for ourselves.

I am also really privileged to live in a community that builds me up, encourages me and comforts me whenever I need. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who are full on for God and love each other. In the last few days I’ve been totally surrounded by people just loving on me. My roommate and I went shopping, I made some yummy fried bread snacks with new friends and we even had a big tea party yesterday in the sunshine. Community life is the best; we were made to live as a big family.

ALSO, in the last few days, my oldest brother back at home has gotten engaged!! I am beyond excited for him and his fiancĂ©. They’ve set the date and now I’m trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to get home. I’ve recently witnessed God provide HUGE amounts of money, so I know he is more than capable to provide money for plane tickets for me! I have four months to see him bring in some plane tickets!

But that’s it for now! Please keep me in your prayers as I wait to see some money come in for plane tickets!


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