Wedding Planning


The last few days have been a bit harder for me. I’ve been really homesick and missing my family SO MUCH. I reached a point yesterday where I was just so emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed that I just need to take a day. I stayed home, had a good cry, spent some great time with God and even had a nap. I also got some good food for the soul (strawberries and Nutella) and had some delicious tea.

But besides it being a good day to rest and recuperate, I got to experience the love God has for me through others. First, I got the awesome chance to Skype with some of my best friends from back at home. It’s crazy how much a friendly face can lighten your heart. In the evening, however, was the best thing in the world.

Earlier in the day I had told my friend that I really missed my family and I also I’m sad that I can’t be at home to help out with my brother’s wedding. Well, after work she showed up at my door and said she had a surprise for me. She opened her bag and took out pictures of my family that she had printed off and a wedding magazine and other craft supplies. “We’re going to plan a wedding.” It was weird because in that moment I was just so excited and happy. She had taken this time to put together something so special. So we spent our evening cutting up magazines, eating chocolate and scouring Pinterest for wedding ideas. The fruits of our labour weren’t much: a few pages of cute wedding collages and two girls dying for their own big day.

There was such a lightness about the whole thing. I felt like a heavy load had been taken off my heart. God just reminded me that this is where he wants me and he can get me through anything.

Everyone has bad days and God gives us the people to help us get through them. I’m so thankful for the friends God has given me here.


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