I figure it’s time for a bit of an update about what I’ve been up to over the last month!

It has been a bit of a busier month in the office for me with getting ready for our October schools to start. The most exciting thing was that we got approved to get student visas which is seriously such an answer to prayer! This will make it much easier for DTS and secondary school students to get Australian visas. Right now, however we are still trying to figure out the whole process of applying for these visas. We have a few schools running at the moment and that means we have a incredibly full house. There are two DTSs going (Music&Arts and Wolrd Explorer), a School of Worship, a School of Innovative Youth Ministry and our current Staff Training school for all the new staff members we have! We are very full of students and staff but it’s so awesome having so many new people around here all the time. The schools that are happening right now only have about one month of classes left before they go on their outreaches and, let me tell you, we have some INCREDIBLE locations that we are sending teams to!

I also had my birthday this month and I seriously have never felt so blessed before. I got to go out for breakfast with my roommate, talk to my brother for a while and have the funnest girls night. I even got to have a nap and some great Jesus time. I was super blessed with an adorable Dr. Who teapot and teacup and saucer…I’m still super excited about those. It was such an amazing day to feel loved and blessed.

A few days after my birthday, my parents were in Sydney on their way home from India. I got to go see them for the day and that was also so much fun! Not only did I get plenty of presents from India, we even got to go to this awesome market in Sydney full of vendors and fresh fruit and veg! It was so lovely!

Over the month I also read through the book of Acts and I learned SO MUCH! It was incredible to take my time really thinking each chapter through and seeking what God was trying to teach me.

So that has been the month of August for me! I’m so excited to see what September has!


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