Let’s Have Tea


I know I just posted an update a couple of days ago but I had a few more things to write about!

One super exciting thing is that we have seen a decent increase in the amount of students coming to our Youth Street program on Saturdays!! Two weeks ago we broke our record of how many kids we’d ever had with a total of 76 students!! Seriously, so exciting! We’ve also seen quite a few salvations through our youth ministries in the past month or so! So yeah, heaps of awesome revival happening over here in Newcastle! PRAISE GOD!

Another thing: I’m coming home for a couple of weeks in just under two months! I know you may know this but I’m reminding you because: a) It’s super exciting (not only am I coming home but my brother is getting married) and b) I want to go for coffee with YOU! Yes, that’s right. I might not even know who is reading this, but I’d love to meet up and tell you about what God is teaching me! I will only have two weeks and within that I’m going to be having lots of family time, but if you’re keen to meet up for coffee send me a FaceBook message or an email at bee_tee_elle@hotmail.com.

Last thing: I’ve come to some difficulty with my finances. I currently have $225 coming in ever month and I’m in need of $440/month! I’d love it if you’d prayerfully considering supporting me monthly with finances and prayer! Again, I’d love to meet up with you for coffee to talk about what it is that I do and the vision God has given me for my time here in Australia! So shoot me a message or email if you’re interesting in meeting up or you want more info on how to support me!

I believe that is it for now! I’m sure I will put something up soon!

Thanks so much for your prayer, support and even for reading all my random updates!

Much love,



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