A Full Few Weeks


So, it has been a couple of weeks since I last updated you all on what has been going on with me over here in the Land Down Under! I suppose it’s time to let you know what I’ve been up to.

Things have gotten pretty busy with schools and such, as we just had our April DTS return to Newcastle

from outreach and we also have the July DTS here, preparing to go on outreach. Due to having both schools here, we have an incredibly full house! It has been amazing to hear all of the stories of the team that was just on outreach; there were two outreach teams: one that went to India and Nepal and another that went to Papua New Guinea! They have some seriously incredible stories about all the amazing things that God did during their time overseas. We also have the July DTS that is nearing the end of their lecture phase and they are starting to prepare for their own outreaches! We will be sending teams to Vanuatu/Solomon Islands, Guatemala, India, Sri Lanka/Philippines, and one other location that I actually can’t mention! It’s all very exciting to see how much the students themselves are growing and how much God is doing through them here and on outreach.

Another thing that has been really exciting was a coffee house/showcase that we had last week. One of the currently running DTSs has a focus on music and arts, so, for the first time, we had a Music & Arts DTS Showcase. The theme was ‘Seekers’ (what it looks like for one to seek God). We had a wonderful evening filled with incredible music and dance performances, as well as, an amazing art display put up by a few of the students. People from the community were invited and it turned into such a memorable night and an event that will definitely become a more regular occurrence.

Finally, we have one big thing coming up which is probably the most exciting thing! One of the ministries of YWAM Australia is Medical Ships Australia (MSA) based out of the Townsville YWAM base. They currently have a ship that they use to do medical outreaches in Papua New Guinea (That was the ship that I got to work on during my DTS outreach last year.); however, that ship is decently old now and they have gotten a new ship that will be continuing the outreaches in PNG. You can check out more info about the outreaches they do at http://ywamships.org.au/ and you can keep up with their tour at https://www.facebook.com/ywamshipsaustralia.

The new ship has been doing a tour down the Eastern coast of Australia, visiting all the YWAM bases; in just over one week the ship will be arriving in Newcastle! It will be here for about three weeks hopefully. At the moment we only have a wharf for one week, but we are praying that one will open up for the remaining two weeks. While the ship is here, we will be hosting events on the ship in order to raise awareness of what they do! We will even be having our weekly youth service on board the ship. It’s so exciting to be able to get involved with this ministry, especially after I was involved on the ship last year.

After the ship tour, we have our base retreat which is basically a huge camping trip with everyone on the base. So a weekend in tents with about 200 people…I’m so keen. The week after that, I’ll be on my way home! The next few months are looking incredibly busy and a little bit overwhelming, but I am beyond excited to see all that God has!

Thanks for reading! I’m sure I’ll update you all again soon!

Much love,


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