Not that I’m excited about coming home or anything.

This past week has been so amazing! I was super blessed by a friend with a weekend away to rest and relax; a girls’ weekend complete with a pool, barbeque and my fill of chick flicks. It was so nice to have a mini-vacation before our next quarter starts up!

This week has been a flurry of people coming and going and plenty of preparing. We just had our annual youth trip up to the Gold Coast (It’s called 5 Day Escape or 5DE). We had heaps of kids go up in a double-decker bus and hit up three different amusement parks and learn about Jesus. I, unfortunately, was unable to go, but the stories that the staff brought back are amazing. God is definitely moving in the lives of the youth here. I love that I get to see the changes that God is bringing to the heart of youth culture here in Newcastle. We are in the process of transitioning into a new term and, for this week and the next, we get to talk to our crew about Papua New Guinea and the heart that God has for it. In two Saturdays, we get to have our youth group event on the MV Ammari (YWAM Medical Ship) and we get to show our youth how we are called to help other nations. It’s going to be incredible.

We currently have our DTS students staying aboard the YWAM ship and helping with tours and spreading awareness about PNG. I’ve gotten to go aboard for lunch and a tour and, hopefully, I’ll get to stay on it for a night or two. I love that we have been able to get involved with ship ministry and it’s so incredible to see what God is doing in PNG through this ministry.

At the moment, we are in the midst of preparing for the new DTS that starts next Tuesday. All of the students (so far 50 confirmed) will be arriving on Monday and then it’ll be time for them to get into lectures! I’m so excited for a new round of students to come through; God always does incredible stuff during DTS.

So that is what is going on here. I may be excited to go home, but my heart is so excited for what God is doing here. I get to be a part of some incredible things.


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