It has been a little while since I let you know what I’ve been up to! The past few weeks have been a bit crazier, but God has been doing so much! Here’s a bit of an update of what the last month has looked like.

Just over a month ago I flew back to Canada for a bit of a visit. While I was there, my brother got married and I was able to spend a bunch of time with my friends and family. It wasn’t the most restful trip as we were preparing for the wedding and I was trying to hangout with as many people as I could in the short two weeks I had in Canada. However, despite the busyness, it was so incredible to be home for a bit of a break. I was in Australia for five months before this trip and I probably won’t be going back to Canada for about another seven months now. It was lovely to have a chance to catch up with friends and share a bit about what I’ve been doing way over here in the southern hemisphere.

After my quick jaunt at home, I was right back on the plane bound for Australia. I got two days to readjust to the time change, which was a slow process, before I jumped back into work. It was so nice to be back and to be welcomed home by all the people that I love so much and get the privilege of living with. There was actually a really awesome moment when I was just leaving Canada and I didn’t quite feel ready to be going back to Australia. I was praying and I just told God that I didn’t feel like going back and that I was so happy to be at home. Despite being torn between going and staying, I got to back to Newcastle and instantly knew that God had called me here. With many hugs and “Welcome home”s, it was easy to see that, for right now, this is exactly where I belong.

The first week flew by and after a couple of days my jet lag went away and I began to relax back into the swing of things here. It was so nice to be back and to feel productive. The following week, however, was a bit of a trickier one.

Last week began pretty well, nice weather and all that, but then as soon as I got up on Tuesday to head to work, I started feeling quite under the weather. My throat got really sore and my head felt like it was going to explode. My old enemy, the common cold, had come for a visit. I’m guessing my body was just a bit tired and my defenses pretty low after having a really busy couple of weeks, but, being sick is incredibly bothersome, nonetheless. Health has been a bit of a struggle with me for a few years now and every time I start feeling poorly it is just so annoying knowing that I’ll be out for a few days. Something that I’ve realized is that, when I get sick, it’s never usually just a day that I need to rest and relax, but it’s almost always several days or sometimes a whole week. Even this past week, I was home sick with a cold for three days and then just when I thought I was fine and I could head back to work on Friday, I was hit with a fever. (To make the fever worse, it was a 43 degree Celsius day with no cooling in the house.) Luckily, by Saturday I was feeling a bit better and I was able to go to Youth Street, but I definitely felt the effects of being sick all week.

On Saturday night, after Youth Street, we had a girls’ sleepover party up at our house with a bunch of the youth girls. It was such a fun-filled and exhausting night filled with facemasks, movies, junk food, and giggles. We also had one of our staff ladies come in and speak a bit about true beauty and how it comes from our hearts and spirits instead of outward adornment. It was such a great night to just love on some of the younger girls.

This weekend has been a much needed relaxing break. I was spoiled by my lovely momma with some extra cash to buy delicious fruits and get the ingredients to make curry. Yesterday was another ridiculously hot day and at times it got a little bit unbearable, but after taking a few cold showers and drinking my weight in water, I seemed to make the best of it. Today I am having the most relaxing morning. Sleeping in until about 8 and then making up a big plate of fruit before sitting outside to have some solid one-on-one time with God. I also had the great joy to finally finish my Bible reading plan today which means I have finally read through the entire Bible…Sadly it has taken me way longer than it should have, but it was cool to see that, in the year-ish that I have gone through the Bible, I have gone through so many different seasons and God has always the perfect word for me every time I needed one.

So that is a short spiel of what that past month or so has looked like for me! It has been a bit full on and tiring, but God is moving more than ever and I’m constantly excited about what he is going to do next in my life!

Please keep me in your prayers as I’ve been struggling so much with my health and it continues to be a battle that I sometimes feel I am losing. Also, my finances are always an area that could use some prayer. If you’re keen to help me out with my finances send me an email at! Thank you so much for the continued support and prayer!

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