I am so excited and jacked up on coffee that writing this is proving to be difficult, but here we gooooo!

Life with me has been absolutely amazing! I cannot describe the joy and excitement that God has given me lately! He is doing some incredible things in my life!

As you may know, my main job here at YWAM Newcastle is working with the national records office for all off YWAM Australia. It has proven to be a lot of work but it has also been so awesome getting to use my talents for administration work. I also get to connect with people all around the country which is always really awesome. One of the branches of YWAM that runs schools is called the University of the Nations or the UofN. I do a fair amount of work in this area and so I will be going to a UofN conference to get some training. Coolest part: the conference is in AMSTERDAM! The dates of it are March 15th to 18th, so it’s coming up really quickly. I’m beyond excited to, not only, get more training for the job that I love doing, but to go to a new place and experience a new culture as well! I have never been to Europe and this is a huge dream come true for me.

Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot is my long-term calling and what I want to be doing in the next few years. Recently God has been putting it on my heart to stay here longer than the initial two years that I committed for. As soon as I started thinking about it, I was offered that opportunity to go to go get further training for my job. This just seemed like a confirmation that, for the time being, my place is here is Newcastle. I am here until God tells me to go, instead of planning to go home until God tells me to stay.

Another really cool opportunity that I have coming up is a chance to do a Biblical Core Course. We will be running this school here at YWAM Newcastle (it will be similar to this course: http://www.ywamperth.org.au/training/bible-core-course/) There won’t be an outreach phase and instead of it happening in a straight twelve weeks, we’ll be running it in four three-week segments. So the first session will be in May and I’m looking in to doing it. I am really interested in learning to study the Bible and I really miss being a student. The first session will cost $750 and that seems to be the only thing really preventing me from doing it. I know that if this is what God has for me, he will provide all the finances I need.

I am also in need of finances for my new visa and health insurance which I will be needing in order to stay on staff here. At the moment I have about $325 coming in every month, but I’m in need of about $500/month. If you are interested in supporting me, please send me an email at britt.laird95@gmail.com or send me a Facebook message! Also, info on sending donations can be found here: http://www.ywamcanada.org/donations.html.

Thanks for taking time to read this!! Life is so exciting and God is doing huge things!! Please keep me in your prayers and let me know if there’s anything I can pray for you for!

Much Love,

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