Here I sit, tucked away in the corner of the quiet carriage on the train bound from Sydney to Newcastle, and I’m utterly blown away by the graciousness of God. Today is Good Friday so it seems rather fitting that I would take the time to be a little more pensive than usual. I’ve been on holidays in Sydney since last Sunday, so for about six days and it has been completely refreshing and fun. Aside from spending time with my brother and some friends, I’ve gotten to sleep, read, and cook – three of my favorite things. It’s like I’ve just had one of those weeks where I realize that God knows exactly what I need, even when I think I know better.

When I pictured going on holidays, I imagined myself holed up in an apartment under a blanket with a kettle and a stack of books; however, some times we need a different type of holiday. Sure, some solid introvert time is needed to rest and re-coop, but being in the company of others has a sweet peace about it that brings a tangible sense of joy. So these past couple days have had their balance of hangout times and book reading, and, all in all, it was one of the most relaxing weeks I’ve had in a while.
On Sunday night, I went to church with some friends and the message that was shared hit me right in the metaphorical heart. Chris Mendez spoke on the topic of “Keeping Our Wonder Alive” – something that God has been speaking to me about a lot lately. So often we allow the incredibleness and perfection of the God we serve to become commonplace aspects of our relationship with him. It’s so easy for me to simply think, “Yup, God made the whole universe. Cool.” I entirely lack the revelation of God’s power in my heart. I don’t sit down and dwell on the fact that the God who created the whole universe wants to be my best friend. I’m totally guilty of having a heart that lacks awe of the King. I’ve allowed myself to become familiar with God: not in a way that best friends are familiar with one another, but in a way similar to new toys that lose their novelty only a couple hours after being opened.
I want to keep my wonder alive. I want to have the excitement of being with God like it’s the first time I’ve ever felt him or spoken to him. There are five things that Chris Mendez spoke about in order to keep wonder alive in our lives and they are as follows.
1) God’s Presence – Don’t let familiarity kill the wonder of being in His presence.
2) God’s Name – Understand the power and authority in the name of the LORD.
3) God’s House – Don’t ATTEND a church. BELONG to a church.
4) God’s Word – Don’t be distracted! Get in the Word daily.
5) God’s Grace – Don’t harden your heart. Be soft and open to Christ’s leading.
I wrote a little blurb about last week when I spent some time dancing. That was a great moment of wonder for me. Not only did God awaken a new passion in my heart, he restored a part of my heart that I had hardened. I allowed His grace to sweep the cobwebs out of my forgotten dance shoes and stiff joints. I closed my eyes and let the awe of how amazing He really is rise up and out, until it took the form of movement. As I swayed in the presence of God, I heard a little voice whisper, “This is how it’s supposed to be.” When God created man in the Garden of Eden, He walked with humans and dwelt among them. His presence was truly tangible; it was how our relationship was intended to be. When I unlocked that piece of my heart, through dancing, I was able to get a tiny sense of that original intention.
Everyday I want to be enraptured by how good God is. Whether it’s taking hours or minutes to just be with God and be in awe of him, I want to make basking in his glory a daily devotion. I want to dedicate my life to never losing my wonder and encouraging those around me to see his wonder in everything.

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