Who is he?

Why do you love God?

Do you love him because he does good things? Or do you love him because he is good?

Reading those questions, you may not realize that there is, in fact, quite a large difference between them. We can love something for what it is, or for what it does and the basis of our love for something can tell us a bit about who we are.

It’s like if I said “I love you because you buy me nice things” or “I love you because you are generous.” Those statements might not seem like they are very different, but they are. One is focused towards me and the other is focused on the other person. The first statement is based on what another person can do for me and is, therefore, a selfish statement; however, the second sentence is a statement about the other person’s character and it honours them. “I love you because you spend time with me.” or “I love you because you are caring.” See? There’s a subtle difference that could really mean a great deal.

Lately God as been speaking to me about this. Do I love God because he takes care of me? Or do I love God because he is good and faithful and true to who he says he is? If I asked God for something and I don’t get it, do I still believe that he is good? If I love God because he DOES good things, when he does something that I don’t understand to be good, I would technically stop loving him. But if I love God because he IS good, than no matter what happens, my love will remain constant because his character is unchanging.

Over the last week I’ve been changing the way I talk to God. Instead of telling God I love him because of all the things he does, I’ve been focusing on who he is and asking him to teach me more about him. Yes, I want good things from God, but, more than that, I want to know him more and become more like him. I would rather have a revelation of God as my provider than have him actually give me material things. When we start loving God for who he is, we begin to see our faith grow and it becomes easier to trust him in every area of our lives.

I am a volunteer missionary who pays to be doing what I do. Finances are a huge area that I struggle with trusting God with. Over the last week I have been asking God for a revelation of his goodness and who he is as my Father. As I have been growing in my understanding of who God is, I’ve been seeing breakthrough in my finances.

I would challenge you to, if you are struggling with something, ask God for a revelation of his character for your situation, instead of asking him to fix the problem.

God is good. God is faithful. God is gracious. God is merciful. God is wonderful. God is perfect.

Know who God is and let him figure the rest out.

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