The Light

As a part of my Bible Course that I recently finished, I had to write a little teaching/testimony. I want to share it.

Ok, so, I don’t know if you ever heard this, but Jesus is sometimes called “the Light of the world”. Now, if you don’t really know what people are talking about that probably sounds weird and crazy, and I’m not surprised if you’ve just been like, “Them Christians, they’re weird.” I would probably think the same thing. However, I’ve had a really incredible chance to study the Bible and to learn about what people were trying to say.

So we’ve been looking at the book of John specifically and we’ve noticed that, in it, Jesus has a lot of these things called “I am statements” – I am the Good shepherd, I am the door, I am a King…But there’s one that really stood out to me: I am the Light of the world. If you look at it really literally, it just like Jesus is calling himself the sun or something, which I guess is true in part, but there’s a lot more to it. If you think about the whole concept of light, it’s pretty abstract and hard to wrap your head around. I want you to close your eyes and picture a totally dark room, completely pitch black. You can’t see anything in at all. Now picture a tiny little tea light candle being lit. All of a sudden you can see the room right? Even that tiny little light, is enough to fill a room. Light has a way of completely overtaking darkness. It’s like the darkness is hungry for light; it ‘wants’ to be filled with light.

Now I want to share with you a bit of my own story. About two and half years ago I was in a super dark place in life. I was 17, had moved out of my family’s house, pretty much cut off all ties with them and had totally isolated myself. I lived with my boyfriend who was terribly unfaithful and I suffered a lot emotionally. I fell into a really depressed state and started struggling with thing like waking up, eating, and leaving the house. For all metaphorical purposes, I was completely in the dark. I was lonely, and lost. I felt super empty, like I had taken out all my insides and I was this hollow shell of a girl. In that hollow shell, it was very dark.

So in my state of not having anything together, I had all these people who kept messaging me and tell me that they were praying for me. It was sort of weird, but at the same time, it was really sweet to hear. A few months later I found myself back at home with my family due to a really rough and painful breakup. I remember the night that I moved back home, I had spent some time with my family and then shut myself up in my room. I was so lonely and angry and hopeless. I was hysterically crying and that’s when I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a really long time: I prayed. I asked God to take away my tears and make me laugh. Within a matter of 30 seconds I was having this giggle fit while I was laying on my bed. It was this incredible moment of God lighting one little candle inside me. As the years have gone by, God has lit a lot more candles inside. I’ve overcome an eating disorder, depression, loneliness, and a lot of self-hatred. I’m now happy to say that I’m so well lit that it shows on the outside too.

That little sliver of Light was enough to remove the darkness from inside me. Light has a strong tendency to do that. So I want to remind you that Jesus is the Light of the world and he’s very eager to get rid of the darkness. Here’s a little tea light to remind you of that. I hope that when you light it, you let a little bit of that warm, cozy glow illuminate your life. (I had a little candle that I gave to the person that I shared this with.)

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