organized chaos

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Wow…The last few months have seemed chaotic to say the least. The last time I wrote, I was doing the Bible Core Course and that was pretty much all that consumed my life. Now that over a month has come and gone (I cannot believe that it’s already July!) much has happened and I am more than eager to share!

BCC finished amazingly and I learned more than I ever imagined I would. Please feel free to contact me and pick my brain, I am more than keen to chat over the Bible.

After BCC finished I was really blessed to be able to go to Sydney and see a musical at the Capitol Theatre. My friend and I got to enjoy one of our favorite shows: Les Miserables! It was a total ‘God-thing’ that I was even able to go, but he knew that I needed some R&R. Following my trip to Sydney, I decided to have a bit of a crazy all-nighter with a few friends. It was a totally awesome time of adventure and getting to know one another. I figure, I might as well do those kind of fun things while I’m young and able. The next day, however, I was not feeling so young and able and spent the day catching up on sleep.

The next thing that I threw myself into was our – then – upcoming play for the Youth Street Performing Arts Team! Our show was on July 20th and hat left us with three weeks to finish the set, costumes, and absolutely everything else. So began probably the most…unique…weeks of my life. Late nights became the norm and all that was ever on my mind were set pieces and costumes or lines and blocking. It was such an amazing process and I learned heaps! You can read more about the play specifically HERE. I wrote a bit more about what it was about and what I learned from it.

With the performance come and gone, I thought I would have some time to unwind and relax. NOPE! Net up was something called Go Fest and it was in Sydney. It was a conference put on by YWAM to show young people what missions could look like. I got the privilege of going for two of the evening services. On the Wednesday night, Loren Cunningham (the founder of YWAM) was speaking and wee had a band from New Zealand playing worship – Edge Kingsland – who were also incredible. Definitely check out their music! I also went to Go Fest on the Friday night and that time, we took a bunch of our Youth Street crew with us. It was an amazing time of worship followed by a message from Andy Byrd. We saw six salvations between our youth and some from Sydney. God is moving heaps in the young people in Australia.

The week came to a close rather quickly and my body was desperately feeling the effects of my busy schedule. I closed my week by spending about three days in bed with a bad cold. Over half the people on base were hit with the virus and it took about a week of to get everyone on their feet again.

It has been a pretty insane few weeks, but God has been moving so much and I am so blessed to be doing the incredible things that he has me here to do! I definitely have more to write, so be tuned in for more posts over the next few days.


2 thoughts on “organized chaos

    1. Hmmm….there were definitely a lot of them. But I think one of the coolest things was studying Philemon. I had never studied it before and it gave me such a revelation of God’s grace on us. Totally mind blowing. Just the fact even that this was a letter written to someone about his slave returning and wasn’t originally intended to be a book passed down through years and years of history, yet it totally echoes God’s compassion on his lost children…Gah, it’s the best.

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