There is a disconnected generation. This new population that is rising up and taking the nation by storm with their trends and fashions is one that lacks a sense of deep respect and love. This electronic age is stealing something from the heart of young people. Youth have become beings of selfish consumption instead of the generous people we were created to be. And I say this because I’ve been there. I’ve enjoyed the temporary joys that selfishness and disconnection brings. I’ve separated myself from the ‘old-fashioned’ things and lived a life immersed in the ‘joys’ and ‘pleasures’ of the world. I found it hollow and unfulfilling. I lacked respect for myself and love for those around me.

I was not born into it; I was raised to believe in the foundations of love and respect. I was taught to value myself and the people in my life. At some point I got so focused on myself and so involved in the world that I became the very thing I was taught to avoid. It was frightening and lonely and more painful than I thought possible. So now that I’ve gone there and come back from it, I look at this generation with a heart that aches for them. I understand the wanting; the desire to be loved. The need that people have to be filled isn’t a new thing, yet it isn’t talked about in schools. Instead they’re teaching our children that they can choose their genders and suffer no consequences. There is no awareness campaign that advertises the lack of love that people have in their lives. We learn about the widows and the orphans. But what about the sad? What about the lonely? Who speaks out for the young people that are lacking the one thing that they need in order to live: TRUTH.

We are a generation that is disconnected. From people, from family, from love and life. However, what worries me beyond belief is the disconnect we have from the One we were designed to be connected to. God made us for relationship, but we have morphed the very basis of relating into something obscure. We talk to screens, if we talk at all. We find it easier to tell our problems to the vast anonymity of the internet than to the people in our lives that love us the most. We seek attention instead of help. We skirt around our problems hoping that someone will pick up the incomprehensible signs that we leave. We hope and wait for someone to reach out to us, but when that actually happens we are so frightened of the truth that we readily deny relationship.

This what makes my heart ache. This is what keeps me up at night. This hopelessness that young people have. Like I’ve said, I’ve been there; I know what it’s like to wake up and not want to face life. I understand the confusion and frustration that comes from choosing the ways of the world. My heart goes out to young women who can’t look in the mirror without wanting to cry and to the young men who desire love so badly that they’re misinterpreted what it really is. There is such a strong sense of desperation inside me that longs for this generation. I want to see them come into their own; to lay down the false things of the world and embrace the Truth that comes from the One who made them.

To the girls who can’t bring themselves to eat, you are beautiful and more loved than you’ll ever be able to understand. To the boys who seek pleasure to fill their hearts, you are better than you think; you are capable of real love. To families torn apart by the choices their children have made: Don’t give up, there is hope; believe in your young people and challenge them to be better. To young people confused by the temptation to satisfy yourself: It’s not worth it; you could search every corner of the earth and never find the satisfaction you crave.

To all who have taken their time to read this: You are amazing. You are extraordinary. You are never too far gone to find love. There is a God and he made you and he sees you. He understands. He gets it. He wants you.

Believe in yourself. Believe in those around you. Help heal this generation from its disconnectedness. Put your screens away and talk to someone. Seek wisdom that Google can’t give you. Choose to connect. Overcome the stereotypes of your ages. Show love and receive it.

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