to pull taut

Sometimes we get stretched – whether it’s our muscles, our hearts, or our heads. We go through things that cause us to expand our capacity, to widen our shoulders to bear a bit more weight. Stretching is good, it helps us to be able to carry more things, but the thing with stretching is that it doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t just wake up one morning and realize that we can do the splits; just like we don’t just decide to take responsibility for a hundred things. It happens over time, after practicing and fighting the resistance inside our bodies. We also have to let our muscles rest and heal in order for them to stretch in a healthy way. It’s ok to take a break, or lighten your load – it doesn’t mean your weak, it just means that you can’t conquer the world right NOW…maybe give it a few years. I guess this where I’m at right now, I’ve been stretching for a while, but I haven’t taken that moment to relax my muscles and give them a moment to heal before I try taking on a bit more weight – now it’s time to learn, to step back and ease my load, to breathe for a bit before I get back to stretching quite so much. And that’s ok. It’s good.


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