a time of rest

What is the most important commandment? Well, it’s to love God. By loving God we should obey the commandments he’s given us because we know he is trying to protect us. So why is it that we follow some commandments yet we don’t feel the need to follow other? You could ask almost anyone and they would agree that murder and adultery are wrong – that’s just kind of common sense – but what about keeping the Sabbath? We are told to keep the Sabbath day holy, to not work on the seventh day, but how many of us work every day, or don’t take even a moment to truly rest and be with God. We are to give one day of our week to God, and really that isn’t a crazy request. If it were one of our best friends, we would have no problem setting aside one day of the week to just hang out with them, but for some reason so many of us can’t do that for God. I’m totally there too; it’s very rare that I give a day to God – so often I take ‘me time’, saying that I ‘need to rest’. But shouldn’t being with God be the most restful thing we could ever do. So I’ve challenged myself to take a day – to sit and be still and rest in God’s presence. By taking a day to just sit and be with God and not focus on work or on myself or even on others, but just on God and what he wants for me, I feel like it’ll be the most fruitful day of the week, even if I don’t get anything done.

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