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People often ask me what is it that I actually do for my job. Well, YWAM itself is a non-profit missions organization with a focus on training people to go into the world. As a part of that training we offer hundreds of different schools so that people can get specific training for almost any area they like. These schools have to be documented so that we have proper records of all our students – this is where I come in. My main job is to make sure that all our schools are being properly registered and all our students are enrolled and whatnot. It may sound pretty boring to you, but I absolutely love what I get to do for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s not very often that someone so young, with no official training, gets the opportunity to do admin work for an education institute and government reporting. Secondly, I get to connect with people all over Australia and the rest of the world – super cool. Thirdly, I am not just a record keeper, I am a story teller – someone who looks after people’s stories and keeps them safe. I have a whole bank of information about people and how God has changed their lives through the schools they’ve done. The records I keep are so much more than numbers in a spreadsheet, they’re people who are changing the world.


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