allowing you to be relaxed

We all have our little niche that we fit into so well – what makes us feel at home, at peace, comfortable. I know I have one. There are these boundaries that I put up and I say to myself, “Stay within these and you’ll be safe.” We put up walls as an act of protection, but really we are just settling – making ourselves comfortable with where things are at so that we don’t have to change. We become complacent, lazy even. Once we find that comfortable place, we lose our sense of excitement and adventure; everything is just commonplace and average. But we aren’t called to boring lives, far from it actually – we are called to live life to the FULL! Recently I’ve been learning to take chances and to seek adventure, not just for a thrill, but for a purpose – to know people, God, and even myself more. Every time I decide to go out of my way and do something exciting and new, the rewards are unending. Step out of your comfort zone and I guarantee that life will get exciting; do something new and a little crazy! Be spontaneous.

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