a group of people who work together

We were made to be in relationship – when God made man he said that it wasn’t good for him to be alone. I have often shied away from working in teams, but it’s something that God has been teaching me the value of lately. My mindset used to be, “if I can do this well, why would I ask other people to do it with me?”; however, now I’m beginning to understand the importance of sharing understanding, building relationship, and not relying on yourself alone. Over the last six weeks I have been helping staff our October DTS which has been crazy and exhausting – there is a large team of staff and I have come to love and appreciate each member of my team. We all have very different strengths and we think and process in a way unique to each one of us. The way I would solve some problems would be completely different, and ultimately ineffective, to the way other would solve them; I am so grateful for each individual that I get the privilege of working with. I am learning that we were made to be in teams – working together towards common goals, supporting one another, helping each of us reach our potential.


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