to hear something with thoughtful attention

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I love to talk; I love words – the way they sound, what they mean, how they’re written. There is something completely magically about words and the fact that we can put sounds together and communicate with one another. I’ve been learning that in order to build good, healthy relationships, we have to listen more than we talk; we need to pay attention to those around us and hear they’re need. I’ve also been learning that I need to listen for God more – on a constant basis really. We must hear God for direction and understanding of where we’re to go and what we’re to do, but we also need to use our own initiative to move forward and if we turn the wrong way, God will bring correction. One of my leaders gave this example yesterday: if a blind man is being led by his friend, his friend will tell him when there is a step up and a turn and whatnot, but the blind man will always continue walking unless told to stop and he doesn’t question every step. He isn’t asking, “Is this a step? Do I need to turn here?” He trusts his friend to guide him and let him know when to turn – he is ALWAYS listening for that direction. I want to be like that – moving forward, but constantly attentive to God to hear any direction he has for me. I want to be always listening.

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