I was going to use the dictionary definition for this word, but, the thing is, is that I don’t really agree with any of the definitions that I found. I think praying is something that is so personal that you can’t really have a general definition for it. Praying for me is just having a conversation with God. I talk to him, and he talks back – it’s not just me sitting on my knees begging him to do something, flip I don’t even close my eyes sometimes. It’s not something that requires a formula or a DIY tutorial. I like to just sit on my bed and tell God about my day, or tell him that I’m not ok, or whatever is on my heart and he responds!! Sometimes he shows me something in my own heart, sometimes he just comforts me while I cry, even better, sometimes he makes me laugh. I challenge you to take a moment – 1 minute, 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter – and just tell God about your day, or tell him that you’re hurting or scared, tell him your fears or doubts, even if those doubts are that he even exists. He wants to hear from you, and, better yet, he wants to talk to you.


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