to accept with pleasure

It’s pretty crazy how much of a difference feeling welcome can make; those first beginning moments can be pivotal to our entire opinion of something. When I try something new I’m usually quite nervous and I tend to keep to myself – I guess you could say that I’m a little bit wary of wearing out my welcome. I also get a bit anxious when it comes to meeting new people, which is odd because I love making friends. Today I stepped out of my comfortable little box and took a chance to try something new. I went to a new church and was slightly cautious and nervous about meeting new people – especially after the end of the service when everybody mingles and chat – it’s kind of sad, but one of my fears is just standing around and not having anyone to talk to. That sense of loneliness in the midst of a crowd can be pretty overwhelming. However, we are a people made for relationship; we were made to be pursued and to pursue others. So today as I was just starting to float off on my own in those expansive moments between the church service and lunchtime, someone approached me. She asked my name and what I did and we exchanged basic details; however, there was something deeper to our conversation that we recognized within moments. Sometimes your heart just knows when you need to talk to someone and let them in to a little sliver of your life – so today I did that and had the privilege of sharing passions and dreams, life callings and desires. I was also blessed to be prayed over and filled with the immense joy that community can bring. So take a chance – make someone feel welcome, you could just change their day.

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