a loud or unpleasant sound
A few days ago I wrote a little bit about listening and I’ve been thinking a whole lot on the matter. The biggest thing I’ve been asking myself is, “When I take time to listen, what exactly do I hear?” I remember years ago, at my church back in Canada, someone was giving a message on taking time to settle our busy lives and actually hear God. To drive the point home a bit he got us all to be silent for a moment – no fidgeting or rustling – it was quiet, to be sure, but there was still a hum in the air from the lights and the sound system, so he turned those off. What we were left with was complete silence. Today I was thinking about that quite a bit; how, even when we take time to listen, there is still all this other noise that can get in the way of us actually hearing God’s voice. Yes, it is extremely difficult to find a place that is completely silent, but whenever I do find myself in that special place, I just get so easily overwhelmed of God’s vastness and greatness. When I silence all the things inside myself and find a place where the world can’t reach me, it’s just me and God – it becomes so easy to hear him.

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