preference for one person

Lately I have been learning a lot about favour – what does it mean to be favoured by someone? I’ve been asking myself a lot of what it looks like to be favoured by God; in a rather crazy season of life, it’s been difficult to Him working for my good. Recently I’ve been asking God to show me how He loves me and show me the favour that He has on my life; to be honest, I didn’t have much expectation of seeing Him do a whole lot. I was severely mistaken to think that God didn’t care enough about me to give me even the little things I’ve wanted. In the last week, I have seen God do incredible things, both big and small, in my life – He has shown me His favour on my life. Little things like wanting to go to the movies, but not having money to do it and him providing, to bigger things like adjusting my workload in the office so I can function to my full capacity. I have felt incredibly stretched over the last few months, but I look back and see that God has had His hand in every moment – guiding me, protecting me, favouring me.

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