the dispersion or distribution of functions and powers

It’s so easy to become an organization based on centralization – we have one person who can do that one thing and so if we want that one thing done, we have to wait for them. If said person is the only person who can do a whole bunch of things, they get pretty stacked with tasks – they become a central part of things. Yes, we do want people who are specialised in specific things, but it isn’t the most functional and sustainable to have a few people that do many things. Lately I’ve been learning the importance of decentralization – which in its basic form is teamwork. I’ve been transitioning from being that one person who does a million things into training others to share the workload. I believe that we are made to work in teams and that dispersing work among more people gives us a chance to build relationship as well as grow in efficiency. I’m pretty lucky to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to valuing individuals as well as teams.


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