With the start of a new year, I like to look back and reflect on what has happened over the past year. 2015 was crazy. It was fun and busy and stressful and amazing. I had my share of incredible moments and some not so incredible ones. All in all, it was a great year and I want to share with you a few of my highlights.

HOLLAND. In March last year I was blessed with an awesome opportunity to go to a YWAM gathering in Amsterdam. We arrived in Holland a few days early and were lucky enough to spend a few days with a friend’s family and see a bit of the beautiful country. Then we stayed in Amsterdam for a few days and I had the privilege to meet many other YWAM leaders, learn about our new administration system, and explore the city. I fell in love with Holland in a huge way and I was reminded of what it means to follow God – He loves His children and he wants to give us the desires of our hearts.

BCC. For three weeks in May, I had the chance to do a three-week intensive Bible seminar. It was ridiculously hectic and busy, but I learned so much and gained such a passion for the Word. I also got to develop some awesome friendships and see the fruit of those relationships as the year went on.

UNDER THE SURFACE. Our Youth Street Performing Arts Team performed for their friends and family in June. The play was written and directed by a friend of mine and it was beyond amazing. Focusing on mental health in today’s youth, it was a heavier topic, but our young people identified with it in such a huge way and it was incredible to see such taboo things talked about openly on stage. It was so much fun to rehearse, make sets and costumes, and just spend time with our crew as they learned this play.

CANADA. In August, I went home for about five weeks and spent time fundraising, resting, hanging out with family and friends, and just enjoying being back at home. It was an amazing trip that reminded me of what an incredible support system I have back at home and that, no matter what, there are people standing with me as I pursue God’s call on my life. It was also a lot of fun to have some friends from here in Newcastle come to Terrace and see my home, meet my family, and road trip down to Vancouver. We definitely made some memories that I will cherish.

DTS. With the start of October, began the biggest DTS that has ever run at YWAM Newcastle. With so many students, we needed plenty of staff help and I had the joy of being a part-time staff member for the school. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the one-on-one discipleship process and to see the students grow in their relationship with God.

CHRISTMAS. With October and November being rather full-on for me, I began to struggle a bit with stress and anxiety. I wasn’t properly taking care of myself and started to feel really burnt out and rather hopeless. However, I am blessed with amazing friends, family, and leaders who look out for me even when I don’t look out for myself. After some processing and delegating of roles I was released to take a few weeks at home to rest and see my family, and it was the most amazing trip home I’ve ever had. Flying into Terrace, it was the perfect Winter Wonderland that I could have imagined. Family was all together for a few days, including my new niece that we welcomed into the world around seven weeks ago. I was incredibly blessed financially by family and friends and was able to put my mind and heart at ease for a few weeks. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am that I got to spend such a special time with my family. It was definitely a Christmas to remember.

Well, those are the highlights. I was going to try to keep it to three or four, but there was just so many amazing things about this year.

I want to say thank you to all those who have supported my through prayer, finances, and friendship. If it wasn’t for the people who I have supporting me, I know that I wouldn’t be able to do all these amazing things. It has been incredible to see how God is using me and growing me for His Kingdom.

I can’t wait to see what He does with me this year.


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