Why Young People?

If you know me, you will probably know that I like young people quite a lot. From little kids to teenagers, I think they’re pretty great. They’re definitely not always the easiest ones to love all the time, but I think that they are the ones often in need of the most love and attention.

You may also know that I am planning to do a School of Youth Ministry in July of this year. This school will give me more tools to work with young people and will give me a platform to connect with them more. I’m excited to be able to spend time learning about youth culture and trends and I can relate and influence teens in a positive way. Let me tell you a little bit about why I want to do this school.

The classic cliché is that the youth of today are the future – they are the ones who will take over our jobs, run our countries and take care of the earth. While that is all well and good, that’s not why I love young people so much. Looking at them like they are the future of the world allows us to stop seeing them as actual people that are just as unsure and insecure as we are. If we stopped looking at kids like they are the ones that will one day run the world and started seeing them as unique and talented individuals that have something to give TODAY, I think it would make a seriously huge impact in the world.

Teenagers often feel like the are unheard and misunderstood – I know that because, being only 20, I still feel like that sometimes. I remember going through things a few years ago and feeling like no one understood where I was at or what was going on in my head, even though, let’s be real, thousands of people have all gone through the things I went through: rejection, loneliness, depression, insecurity, fear…All these things are pretty normal things that every person experiences. But, as a 17 year old, I rarely felt like people actually wanted to hear about my issues, because if everyone has experienced those things, what would make my feelings so significant?

I hate that I felt like that – that if everyone had gone through it and came out fine, why should I need any kind kind of special attention. What I wished, was that someone had told me that, yeah everyone felt those things at one point or another, but it still matters that I feel that. I wanted someone to, not preach at me, but just sit with me and let me talk and genuinely listen to how I felt and tell me that that was normal. I want to do that for young people today. I want to befriend them and talk with them, not because I want to change them or prepare them to impact the world, but because they have feelings that matter and voices that are worth being heard. I want to help teens struggling with fear and loneliness feel like they have someone who actually cares about them. I want those scared because of past rejections and insecurities know that they have someone who isn’t going to judged them or abandon them.

My goal is to help people recognize that they are worth being seen and heard. I hope to show younger ones the care that they need and don’t often get. Only through loving today’s youth will we ever help them become tomorrow’s adults. The school that I’m doing will help equip me to do just that.

If you’re interested in helping me out with doing this school, send me an email or write me a facebook message. I’m trying to raise a total of $6000 by June and I’m looking for people who have a desire to see today’s youth receive the love they need to help me do this. If you don’t have anything to give financially, I’d love it if you kept me in your prayers and thoughts. I always love a pen pal.

Much Love,

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