So I’ve been back in Australia for almost four weeks and I’ve been learning so much! I wanted to be writing every week about what I’m learning, but amidst trying to catch up on life here, it slipped my mind. However, I’m more caught up and on top of things and I have so many things running around in my head that I’m basically bursting to share! So I’m going to do a bunch of catch up posts and than hopefully I’ll be better with writing every week! Also, I started the school late – I joined in week three, so there won’t be a week one or two post.

School of Innovative Youth Ministry
Week 3 – Youth Evangelism
Speaker – Matt Nichols

There were so many incredible take-aways from this week. Matt talked about a lot of things that were very relatable and applicable to my life. I could literally write for hours about all the things I learned, but I’ll stick to what was the main thing that I took in.

In the Bible, it’s written about how God is patient with people and that he has a desire that none should perish. I think that so often I struggle with really believing that – I’ve realized that I unintentionally pass judgements on people without really thinking about who God sees them as. I love people and I have a desire for people to know him, but and I really committed to that? Or there’s often this sense that it’s too late for some people – like they’re just too far gone, but that is one of the biggest lies in existence! In the Bible it also talks about how God is holding back the end until truth is revealed. God is literally holding back the end of the world until all people have heard about his truth. It’s not my job to save the world, but it is my job to spread the truth about what I know about God because there is a world full of people that Jesus died for! And by not sharing that truth, how am I really loving them?

God really challenged me with being a voice for him and sharing the things that he has spoken to me, but he also spoke to me about how to go about that. God never wants to force things – he’s gentle and loving. He lets people make their own choices. All I have to do is present and live out the truth of his love and if they choose it, that’s amazing and wonderful, and if they don’t, the LORD will send another person to them to try. God is never out of plans – there is always a way for people to find him. I want to be one of those ways.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions about what more I’m doing, let me know; I would love to chat.

Much Love,

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