School of Innovative Youth Ministry
Week 6 – Destiny & Calling

So this week was pretty incredible for me. If you know me, you may know that I love information and tests and school and learning and all that stuff. That desire for learning and growth was incredible satisfied this week as we learned a lot about ourselves and the way that we interact, think, and function.

We started out the week by taking a test called the Birkman – a personality test that covers many different areas of a person’s character and reactions. We also focused a lot on our strengths and how we function as individuals. There was so much stuff that we went over that it’s really hard to pick one or two highlights but I think that overall I mainly gained a lot of understanding about who I am, how I function, and what I need to grow in.

This week something was awoken in me to better myself and to focus on my strengths and talents. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who desires to grow, but lately it’s turned into something that is so much more than that; I don’t just want to grow, I want to learn about God and who he made me to be and I want to develop my skills to a point of excellence. I want to learn to take care of myself and how to manage things like stress and sickness. I don’t want to waste my time or my energy on things that don’t matter, and if there are things that I am doing that I am failing to see the value in, I want to ask God to show me the importance and value of the most menial tasks.

It’s rather hard to explain. It’s like I have a desire to not just live my life, but to live it fully and to do things that I love. This has led me to set up a lot of goals for myself. I want to do something creative everyday – whether that’s writing or drawing – I want to take care of my physical body – drink more water, eat less sugar and junk food – I want to grow in my self-discipline, and, most of all, I want to grow in my relationship with God.

But like I said, during this week of lectures these desires were awakened, but it has taken time for me to really refine how to actually begin to grow in these things. The past few weeks have been full of a lot of me talking to God about what goals he has for me and what he wants me to grow in. I’ve been asking God a lot about what he wants me to be and what he’s trying to teach me, but you’ll hear more about that in the weeks to come.

All in all, this week of ‘Destiny & Calling’ lectures inspired me to be the best I can be – as cheesy as that sounds – and I’m so excited for the process of learning how to be that. At the beginning of this school God spoke to me about this being a season of setting a new foundation in my identity and character. He told me that he would shake my foundation to get rid of those things in my life that aren’t good or healthy, but that he would help me to rebuild habits and routines that will teach me and grow me. It’s incredible to see that exact thing happening; God is so faithful to take care of me.

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