School of Innovative Youth Ministry
Week 7 – Innovation

This week we looked at what it takes to be innovative – introducing new things. We looked at three different major innovators: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Loren Cunningham. What qualities did they have that made them innovators? Why did people listen to them and follow them? There were five main qualities that leaders in innovation have:

  1. Be Motivated By Vision
  2. Be Communicators
  3. Do Things Differently
  4. Work in Teams
  5. Be Committed & Persistent

There were two main points that stood out to me: Number One and Number Five.

Number One – Be Motivated By Vision. People that were great leaders in introducing new things to the world had great vision and communicated it well with their audiences. I was really challenged to take a look at my own life and think about what my own vision is? What am I motivated by?

Number five – Be Committed & Persistent. I think that one thing that I lack a lot of is persistence; I have found myself to be a rather inconsistent person. I have great vision and ideas, but when it comes to really putting things into action, I can last a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but I generally have trouble strongly committing to things. This has shown a lot in my own personal habits; I have strong desires to put healthy habits into practice, but when it comes down to it I end up getting lazy or bored.

During this week, talking about innovation and new ideas, I was troubled by this idea that I lacked a lot of follow through. I like to think that I’m a deeply committed person, but when it comes to self-discipline, I am pretty weak. Going off what God was teaching me in the previous week – being the best I can and choosing to constantly be growing and learning – I am going to need a lot of discipline in order to grow. I need to be persistent in pursuing what I want.

It’s not enough for us to just set goals. We need to apply what we want to be doing to our lives. We need to set realistic goals to achieve daily or weekly. We need to get amongst it. If we don’t power through and persist when things are difficult, we’ll never be able to change anything.

These two points go hand in hand; we need to determine what our vision is and than be committed to it.

So what is my vision? My vision is to discover what people are passionate about and do what I can to empower and equip them to pursue those passions.

If you’d like to hear more about how I want to do this, comment below or send an email to – I’d love to share more about my love for people and my dreams for the future with you.

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