School Of Innovative Youth Ministry
Week 11 – Pioneering

First, a quick definition of what pioneering means in the YWAM context: Starting something new that hasn’t been done before; a new ministry, a new YWAM base, a new training school…etc.

This week was also a bit different than what I was expecting, but I think I’m kind of used to being surprised by now. We talked about a lot of things about starting new ministries or projects and it was really encouraging to hear from someone who has been working to establish his ministry for so long.

There was definitely one thing that stood out to me strongly – we need to be sure that we have confidence in God’s character. Who he is isn’t dictated through our circumstances; he is unchanging and independent from people and their situations entirely. I think that I often see God through the lens of what is happening in my life instead of seeing my life through his lens, which is much happier and stress-free. It’s so easy for me to get swallowed up in stresses and frustrations in so many different areas and, because of that, I often forget that God is actually taking care of me through tough times. But if I just remembered that God is good and faithful, and that he loves me now matter what, I think that those tougher things would be easier to get through.

So right now I’m battling through some things – the hardest thing probably being that I need to see a lot of money come in in order to do a youth camp as well as fly home at the end of the year. Literally every morning I wake up with this weight on my chest and this bitter attitude, and I have to actively remind myself that God is taking care of me. He sees me and my needs and he will never let me down. Even the other day I woke up with a completely terrible attitude and just felt so irritable and discouraged. A few hours later found me in class with the rest of my team, who also need to see a lot of money come in, and we started praying together for finances. Almost as soon as we started praying and asking God to provide for us, I felt this huge weight lift off of me and a peace enter my heart as I remembered that God has promised to watch over me and provide all that I need when I am obedient.

So I guess my encouragement to you would be to take a minute and just think about who God is – faithful, just, righteous, powerful, loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, persistent… – and remind yourself that the God of the entire freaking universe, who is perfect in every way, loves you and is rooting for you. He doesn’t change when you’re going through hard times; he is always good and he always loves you.


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