I Love Tea and You Should Too

If you know me, you may or may not know that I have a pretty intense obsession with tea. I usually drink between two and six cups per day of various different types and blends. Anything from Japanese matcha to a sugary chai latte – I’ll drink it all. My preference is a jasmine green tea or an Indian oolong tea, but really I’ll drink anything depending on how desperate I am.

I believe that my love of tea started at the age of three. My family went to China for about two months and my mom distinctly remembers me drinking chrysanthemum tea and eating all the leaves out of my cup. Years later, while my family lived in India, I was introduced to sweet, milky chai tea and I think that’s what sealed the deal for me. Oh, another “tea moment” I can think of is staying in a remote village in the mountains of Mexico and having a cinnamon bark tea that was pretty life changing.

So there we have it, I have had a love of tea bred into me from some of my earliest years and during my most monumental moments in life. In high school I was the girl who brought a thermos of tea to school and always had a stash of Celestial Seasonings* in my backpack. I went through a bit of a coffee phase when I was abut 16-17, but tea has always had my heart. While I do appreciate a good coffee (pour over or cold brew) every once in a while, I’d almost always opt for a smooth green leafy drink.

I’ve dabbled with different tea companies and have a few of my favorites…and some that I won’t even think about buying. I’m a firm believer in drinking organic tea and I shy away from anything artificially flavoured or sweetened. Speaking of sweetners, I’m a sucker for light local honey or agave. Call me a snob, but they really are the best.

While tea is completely delicious, that’s not the only reason I love it. It’s incredible for one’s body – from boosting your metabolism to potentially preventing cancer growth, you can’t really go wrong. Tea is so incredibly versatile that you could drink a different kind every day and probably never run out of combinations and flavours. There are different teas that help with different things! Peppermint for indigestion, anise for nausea, green tea for energy, oolong for weight loss, rooibos to help you sleep. Tea isn’t just good for your insides too! You can make so many types of refreshing beauty products out of tea, specifically green tea. (I’m convinced that you could use green tea and coconut oil for almost every beauty need.)

Another reason that I love tea is that it’s a pretty universal language. While Western Nations are finally getting into it, Eastern places have had the art of tea brewing within their cultures for longer than our countries have been around. I love that I can get Korean Matcha, Japanese Genmaicha, South American Maté, Indian Chai, or African Rooibos. Tea is found in so many different styles and types around the world and it’s amazing to think that it is a staple in so many places. I cannot picture India without chai tea – walking down the street and having shop owners ask you to come in for a chai. Or Australia without the morning tea breaks to make a cuppa.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I love tea because of the culture it brings. I recently went to the Sydney Tea Festival in Sydney, NSW, and one of my friends commented on how, even though the venue was entirely packed out, everyone was so chill and nice. Tea people are chill people. They’re usually healthy and positive – the kind of people you just want to be around and sip something out of dainty tea cups or, my favorite, pottery tea bowls. There is a sense of community among people who love tea, which may sound extremely silly, but I believe it.

Since I’ve started drinking tea and really getting into the science and skill of it, I genuinely feel better. I have different teas for different sicknesses. I make iced teas in the summer and cozy warm tea in the autumn and winter. I love that there is always the perfect tea for every day and every mood. I also love that people know that I love tea and ask me questions about it; what’s even better is that my mom knows way more than me so I can ask her all my questions!

So that’s my love of tea ‘boiled down’ for you – SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!

Now I am going to make a nice cuppa and get some sleep.


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