10 Reasons Why You Should Be Best Friends With My Mom

So let’s get one thing out their right away, I really freaking love my mom. Like seriously, it’s kind of weird how much we love each other. I didn’t think I would ever say that mom is one of my best friends, but I am that person and she totally is. To justify my ridiculous love for my mother, and to celebrate her on her birthday that I’m missing – SORRY –  I’ve put together a list of ten reasons why every person should be best friends with my mother.

  1. She is always just a phone call away and doesn’t mind listening to your sobbing hysterics over really pointless things. And she has good advice with how to deal with your problems.
  2. She always down for a pyjama party…And maybe they last the entire day and you watch Hallmark movies and bake cookies during them.
  3. Her clothes from her younger years are probably coming back in style and that letterman sweater from her high school looks really cute on you.
  4. Whatever you’re going through, she’s probably been there before. She knows all the adult problems you’re facing like making your own doctors appointment and buying insurance. She would also probably love it if you asked for help.
  5. She will laugh at your really bad jokes. Even the science ones.
  6. She’s not going to get grossed out by your weird bodily issues. This woman changed your diapers at some point in your life, she not going to run away screaming when you text her saying, “Mom, I haven’t pooped in a week, what do I do?”.
  7. She knows all the secret family recipes and is most likely super down to teach you them so that you can start making her dinner in return for her years spent slaving over your upbringing.
  8. She has stood by you through all the stupid mistakes you’ve made and will still be there after you continually fail to learn the lessons that life is trying to teach you.
  9. She will always be stoked to have you around and probably spoil you incredibly when you are home for a visit.
  10. She loves all of the best things like tea, crocheting, hot tubs, cheesy romance movies, Indian food, French fries, books, history, and so many other completely perfect things.

So maybe it’s weird how much I love my mom, but I love how much I love her. And I think that everyone should love my mom.

Happy Birthday Momma!! I love you a lot and I miss you so much! I am so thankful to call you my mom and best friend. I cannot wait to see you in like two months. Get ready for Hallmark movie days and eating copious amounts of banana bread.

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