The Sun Is Killing Me

I am from Northern Canada. It doesn’t get hot there. I moved to Australia a while ago and it’s really hot here. While I love a day in the sunshine to freshen up life, the almost constant heat of summer is not something that I appreciate. I was born a summer baby in a land of cold winters and mild summers. I like bright sunshine piercing through the chilled mountain air. I like glacier fed lakes and rivers that shock your soul as you hit their surface. I like summer at home.

Summer here is something different all together. Considering that the beach is generally the go-to place when it’s hot outside, and I’m usually working in my office during the days, it can be rather difficult to enjoy the sweltering heat while melting in my chair. Since moving here, I’ve realized that I’m not much of an ocean beach bum. The saltwater makes my skin itchy, the sand gets everywhere, and there are no trees to hide under. Beaches at home are quite different considering that they more often surround lakes of freshwater and are in the middle of forests with more grassy shaded spots than sandy sun-bleached surfaces.

I guess you could say that I have come to terms with the fact that I am Canadian through and through and I love the cooler climates. Australia has captured my heart in so many incredible ways, the heat has not been one of them, unfortunately. So while my heart aches to say goodbye to this beautiful place, my arms are open to embrace the brisk cold mountain air that is so quickly calling me home.


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