Jan 1 – Outside the Window

The sun is luminous through the pane of my drab window as its brilliant rays usher in the new year. Seeing the beams of light dance across the icy snow fills me with a sense of hope the every January 1st is brimming with. The sky is nearly cloudless as if to stand in defiance against even the idea of something covering up the sun. Snow peaked mountains shine in all their splendor – a new year tends to feel insignificant when you’ve withstood through the tests of time as they have. With all that is in me I wish to reflect the brilliance I see before me. This year I want to be bold and resplendent, firm and unrelenting. I know that eventually clouds will come and, with them, the snow and the rain, but through the hostility of winter and the dampness of spring, there is always the warmth of summer, even if it only last a few days this far north. And how I long to feel the glow of the summer sun on my skin and bask in the life and fervour that this place becomes when the rivers begin to run and the roads are ready to be ridden. Until then, however, I will find peace in the snow and the frigid wind while I bundle myself up and nestle closer to the fire.

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