Jan 10 – Friendship

As a kid I was overly social and always seemed to be making new friends. I talked a lot, was generally happy, and dearly loved to laugh. As I grew and went through harder times, my voice became quieter, my disposition more stern, and my laughter was nearly snuffed out entirely. Friends became few and I began to float from person to person, never making a real connection with anyone. Years past and I remained a rather cold and unfeeling person, but things began to change when I was challenged to look inside myself with love and forgiveness. As I grew to know more of who I was and what I wanted out of life, who I was began to change. I learned to love myself and accept what I had been in the past and who I needed to become to fulfill the future I so desired. Now I find myself rarely lost for words, almost constantly smiling, and very ready to laugh. It took me time, but I realized that before I could find friendships with those around me, I needed to be a friend to myself. I need to learn to love myself unconditionally, forgive myself when I do something stupid, and find joy in who I am everyday.

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