Jan 3 – The Vessel

The horizon swayed as I tried to get my footing on the upper deck of the small fishing boat. It was my first time aboard a boat like this and my sea legs were all but nonexistent. My stomach churned as I tried to keep my head up into the wind. Whoever told me that the air outside would help with seasickness was sorely mistaken. I felt worse up here than when I was cowering in my bunk trying to keep my insides…inside. I had to keep my thoughts turned toward the future. Toward the islands I would soon be seeing in the distance and the beautiful people who I would meet. I was full of anticipation of what was to come – this was my first time leaving my own country. I had driven, flown, and trained across countries to finally get here: Papua New Guinea. I had been saving up and working towards this trip – I was going to make a difference. I was going to help people. But all I can think about is the constant up and down of the ocean as it rushes towards me and plunges away – the unending motion that has delivered me into a state of tormenting nausea. Oh dear…my inside are no longer…inside.

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