Jan 4 – Dancing

I stumbled and stuttered as my shaky feet took position in centre stage. With the curtained dropped no one could see that I didn’t feel ready for this in the slightest. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for the brief moment I had before I heard the oddly heavy and billowy curtains begin their ascent. The stage lights broke through and illuminated my now statuesque body. I couldn’t breathe for fear of moving a muscle. This two and half-minute moment would make or break my future. There were scouts out there waiting to determine if I was an asset to their companies. All I could do now was try to prove myself even a little bit worthy of their consideration.
The music chimed and my body took flight; there was a different type of energy that took over my muscles when I danced. Where I was once shaky and unsure, my movements were precise and defined. My mind became silent as I glided around the stage – this was no place for thought and calculation – I relied solely on muscle memory and strength to remember my routine. Time seemed to stretch as I moved from one corner of the stage to the next. I was swift, but not clumsy, powerful, yet elegant. Stretching my legs as I leapt through time and space. Swirling my body as it tumbled with precision and grace.
As I heard the music I knew my final que was coming. The end of the most important moment of my life as of yet. And with that thought I lost my focus. My muscles became muddled as I began to freeze up in fear of the gravity of what I was currently doing. Anxiety overtook strength. Stress replaced grace. While I took my last leap everything inside me gave out. I fell. With a thunderous slap the entire audience could my ankle crack. My first thought was not of pain but of how my dreams ended that day.

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