Jan 7 – Rocketship

My name is Bright. I lay here stretched out in the sky for everyone and no one to see. I’ve been here for so long, but, those who have eyes to see me will never really know me. I sit here all day and all night, unmoving, unwavering. I used to think that I had no purpose in space or time – that I was just here to shine for a while and flicker out of sight. That’s when the whispers made their way to my corner of the universe. While I thought I had no purpose, no point, I heard stories of people who wished on me. They looked at me and saw hope and a future. I represented promises and covenants. I was a part of so much, it just took me so long to find out. I suppose it is true that light does travel faster than sound. So that brings me to today. Stretched out before all that ever was. Hearing the whispers of what my life has meant. Knowing that I meant something to so many people makes it easier to let my light grow dim and my heat fade. It’s almost as if now that I’ve heard why I was here for so long, I’m ready to go. For in order for a new star to be born, one must depart.


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