Jan 11 – Dragon


I was never much good with make-believe as a child. I would rather learn about real things than dream up mystical creatures that could devour me whole. Perhaps I lacked some imagination, or maybe I was just more logical in my own head, but pretend never played a big part in my childhood. That makes it all the more strange that I love fantasy and stories so much as an adult. Sure I liked to read as a kid, I loved stories of these characters, but I could never dream them up on my own. Now I find myself at a point in life where I realize that I need to exercise my imagination before I lose it altogether. So here is my loose attempt at what a dragon looks like in my eyes.

He was tall, but not the type of tall that people are. Yes, his height was immense, but when you looked at him and the way he carried himself, though low to the ground and almost slithering, he seemed proud and magnificent. He was black, but again it was more than a colour – he was dark, he was sinister. The had great claws that were a stark white against his inky scales. His wings were also completely massive but they weren’t what captured one’s attention. His eyes. The massive, shimmering orbs that flicker with life and malice. He never betrayed what he was thinking, he simply continued to slink and slide around corners and caves hoping to never catch someone’s eye. But on the rare occasion that he would, it was frightful to be his unwelcome guest.

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