Jan 14 – The Found Poem

This poem was fun! I opened a page and grabbed random words. I used those words in this poem about watching things go by while I sit in my favourite spot! All the underlined words are the ones from the book I used – The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

My place on the kitchen counter
I can see it all from here
The black lacquer counters cold
The green walls gleam back at me
As I gaze around the interior
Stories echoes all around me
Of the lives that have lived here
The atmosphere is warm, homey
I could sit for an eternity
The harmony of the home around me
To sit inside the stories that swirl about
To live within what happens here
But soon I’m sliding off my spot
It’s time to take my leave
Gracious me
I’ve stayed too long
Now I never want to go

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