Jan 15 – Eavesdropping

From her room she could hear whispered conversation in the kitchen. Jordan’s parents were still awake – surprising, they usually went to bed much earlier. The only answer was that they could not sleep and that meant that they were anxious. There was only one thing that made Jordan’s parents anxious nowadays – her. She had been distancing herself from them for months now and she knew that they heard the rumors of what she was up to when she wasn’t in the house. They hadn’t said anything to her as of yet, but she knew the facade couldn’t last forever, but she could hope to keep it in tact until she was ready to take the next step. Jordan tossed in her bed as she strained to hear what her mother and father were talking about, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to fully make out the words. She had spent enough time behind this door lately to know that the walls in this house were exceptionally noise cancelling. Out of spite or frustration, she wasn’t too sure, but she threw her legs out of bed and shoved open her door. She made a show of being awake still so her parents would know she could hear them. With lazy feet she stepped into the kitchen only to be welcomed by nervous glances and complete silence. You could almost hear the eggshells crunching underfoot as Jordan stepped past her parents and got a glass of water from the sink. The silence only confirmed that their conversation had been about her. She felt a wave of anger roll through her body as she felt judgement radiate from her parents stares, but that wave was soon followed by a resolve to never feel this way again. She knew that she had options, if she left tonight she wouldn’t have to face the guilt and anger that came with confronting her mom and dad. As soon as she thought it, her mind burst into action though her face never revealed a single thing. Today was the day. She left tonight.

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