Jan 17 – Dictionary Definition

– a (1) :  to receive or take in the sense of (letters, symbols, etc.) especially by sight or touch

Reading is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I love stories and information. I love writing and ideas. To me, reading is so much more than just receiving information and computing it into words and ideas. Reading is a joy, it’s an escape. When I’m bored, I read. When I’m lonely, I read. When I need to think, I read. When I should be sleeping, I read. I read everything – stories, textbooks, labels, subtitles. It isn’t even about what I’m reading, it’s just the fact that I love reading so much that makes is enjoyable. Now partner the love of reading with an amazingly written fantasy story, and I will literally be the happiest person on earth for the entire time it takes me to read that book. Reading also kind of fascinates me because it astounds me that we can look at squiggles and loops on a page or screen and turn that into epic histories or novels or poems or whatever we want really. Our brains are pretty amazing. Even the fact that I can think these thoughts, write them down as specifically arranged lines and have someone else interpret those lines as my thoughts, blows me away completely. Wow…I’m getting kind of mind blown right now just thinking about how our brains do that so quickly and so efficiently. Anyway…I’m going to go read now, I’m into a really good book.


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