Jan 18 – Cleaning

I recently have acquired a new relationship with cleaning. I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and I tend to be a tidy person. I think there is something particularly satisfying about cleaning – the sharp lemony scent in the air, the gleam of faucets, the shine of clean bathtubs. About a month ago I moved back home with grand illusions and huge desires or being put together and grown up and all the utter nonsense that comes with those things. One nonsensical things that is rather necessary is money. To get money one needs a job. Now, I didn’t look for work immediately when I got home, I wanted to spend holidays with family and friends and give myself a bit of a rest. But I was a bit strapped for cash and Christmas was coming up. Here’s where my love for cleaning came in handy. While I was twiddling my thumbs and enjoying my time off, I had friends who were working their asses off and constantly on their feet. The last thing they wanted to do, when they came home from work or on their occasional day off, was clean. In a passing conversation she mentioned hiring someone to clean the house and I half jokingly said, “I’ll do it.” And that’s how it happened. Now I clean houses every Friday and I kind of love it.

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