Jan 19 – Great Minds

I find if funny that I can look up to someone who I don’t even know. Why is it that we look to and admire celebrities when really all we know about them is what the media decides to tell us. I think it’s incredible nowadays with social media; we can see into an entirely different aspect of life with celebrities that we never sued to have access to, but even then, it’s only what they choose to share with us. And though I find it rather bizarre, I do definitely look up to and respect some celebrities, being fully aware that I don’t actually really know them.

One person that I look up to quite a bit is Brooke Fraser. She is a New Zealand musician and singer and she is rather talented. While is known mostly for singing and writing for Hillsong productions, she has a few of her own albums that I absolutely love. Flags, Albertine, Brutal Romantic. A lot of her music has been pretty impacting to me. Her songs are heartfelt and real and I love that she has changed and developed her style while still keeping that emotion in them. Another thing I love about her is how in love with her family she is. It’s so cool seeing her share things about her husband and daughter and new little one. Lastly, I love that she is vocal about her faith and church. It’s amazing to see someone retain their values and the things that they believe in through their life journey.

So yeah, I really like Brooke Fraser even though I don’t know her. I did have the great pleasure of running into her in the Sydney airport a couple of years ago. I proceeded to get really awkward and star struck and it made my year.

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