Jan 23 – Sugar

It was my 17th birthday and everything was absolutely perfect. The decorations were up, the food was all prepared, and the guest were just starting to arrive. We had the guest table right near the door and as people entered they had to sign the Willy Wonka contract before they walked through a path lined with giant lollipops and candy canes. Next were the tables of goodies they would walk past, complete with every Wonka brand candy we could find all over town. There were homemade edible tea cups and lickable wallpaper made from Jolly Ranchers. We wore wild colours and ate the sweetest of sweets while we settled down on the couches for the movie. We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and ate every treat along with the characters. Best of all was when the characters in the movie reached the chocolate river and we unveiled our chocolate fountain we had prepared for our evening of sugary goodness. The movie trundled on and we had our fill of all things Wonka. Near the end we were frantic from our sugar highs and we played games and unwrapped presents. All in all, it was the dream on every little child, lived about by those of us that were probably a little too old to be enjoying candy quite so much.

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