Jan 26 – Fear

Fear does strange things to people. You hear those incredible stories of people who were filled with adrenaline and lifted cars off their babies. Or people who are almost awoken by fear and come alive in moments of panic. It astounds me how our physical bodies respond to fear. Our pupils dilate. Our brains are practically flooded with adrenaline which overrides our practical thought process. Our heart rate increases allowing more blood flow to all out muscles. The body prepares for a fight or flight reaction which people have relied on for centuries to survive scary situations. These are some of the basic instincts that original humans would have relied on for survival in primitive environments. What is even more incredible is that all of these things happen in a matter of seconds. I think the way our brains and bodies work involuntarily to protect us is amazing.

However, while some people are evolutionary wizards with this amazing skill, I wonder where exactly my genes went wrong. The thing is, when I get scared, I generally just cry and curl up into the fetal position. I have almost no fight or flight instincts which leads me to the incredibly important conclusion that I would be an absolutely horrific caveman.

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