Feb 1 – Rewrite a Poem

For this day’s creative writing challenge, I rewrote one of my most favourite poems – “Good-Bye” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Please find it and read it and think about it.

Farewell cruel world I must leave now:
You never liked me, nor I you.
I walk and walk through your oceans;
Tossed and twirled in the frightful foam;
But now, cruel world, I’m going home

Farewell to smooth talk;
To two-facers;
To greed and unrest;
To society’s circles;
To busy-bodies and their constant bustling;
To ones who’ve left, and ones who’ll come;
But now, cruel world, I’m going home.

To my own home I retreat,
Buried among mountains and trees, –
Hidden in my secret place,
Where my fairy tales were dreamed,
My fantasies created,
Uncorrupted and uninterrupted.
A place for my quiet thoughts;
A place for God and me.

When I am there in my trees and dreams,
I stand on highest hopes;
I reach beyond the wishes
Of even the most sacred stars;
I laugh at what has been,
I muse at what is to come;
What is it all worth – Pride and wisdom –
When in my place, it’s me and Him?


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